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Sophie Lambert


Sophie Lambert

Sophie Lambert

Sophie Lambert, the talented Canadian visual artist is very near to nature. Her paintings are a balanced mix of abstraction and figurative work comprising pieces of scenery where sheep, llamas, and sailboats exist in real, lyrical, or fictitious worlds. She imprisons timeless women in her colors and her space where they will continue to live. Her images frequently remind us of the journey, the exile, the sea.

Lambert has incorporated many influences into her own work including elements of Turner, Thomson, and Monet. She is constantly reinventing her own style, deciphering unexplored paths into the future of her art.

Lambert’s paintings have been shown in Canada and France and are included in personal collections around the world, in Canada, United States, England, France, Japan, Singapore, Greece and Australia. Since 2004 she was awarded many prizes and distinctions.


Premier Prix du Jury, Le Récif, Maison des Arts de Saint-Faustin, 2010.
Prix du Jury, Vénus, Laurentides, Quebec, 2007.
Premier Grand Prix d’Excellence, La Maison sous les Arbres, Montreal, Quebec, 2006.
Prix de l’Académie, Chevalet d’Argent, Les Moutons Pélerins de Saint Michel, Brittany, France, 2005.
Prix du Public, Le Petit Marais, Laurentides, Quebec, 2005.
Prix du Public , Regate a la Baie des Chaleurs, Exposition Collective, Academie Nortaise, Brittany, France, 2004.

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