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Paintings by Vincent Dugast

Paintings by Roshan Houshmand

Paintings by Sophie Lambert

Artwork from Swing in the Spring

Paintings by Jeremy Sutton

Paintings by Vannina Malekzadeh

Sculptures and Paintings by Salma Arastu

Artwork from Lush Finesse

Sculptures by Fabienne Bismuth


Paintings by Nilou Farzaneh


Photographs by Pierrick Gaumé


  1. Eric permalink

    I love Pierrick Gaume’s pictures. I believe these are images reflected in cars’ windshields. Am I right?

    • mana permalink

      These are reflections of buildings on the car bodies. Pierrick says: “Any close look on a car’s body would make people realize that they are not only styled like sculptures but are also painted and varnished like other works of art. Most cars are mass-produced unless they are prototypes and custom models so they are not totally bump-free, mirror-deep and sparkle-shiny.

      My capture of these reflections is an example of the imperfection of the cars’ surfaces. The distorted reflections are richer than if the cars were slick, smooth and homogeneous.” Do you want to know more about these photos?

      • eric permalink

        It’s a pretty amazing and good idea. Today was a sunny day in Paris and I looked at some cars’ reflected images… You’re right there are art pieces right there 🙂
        Tell us more about what you’re doing

  2. Eric, are you in Paris most of the time? I’m back in France for a show with Automorphoses photos that’ll take place in a new art gallery in Tours. I’ll soon be able to release its details and would love to welcome you there if you’re around. In the meantime you can have a look at my blog ( and ask me more questions here, in English or in French. Thanks a lot for expressing your appreciation of my artwork here. I hope we can soon chat more.

    • Riccardo permalink

      How did you start taking pictures of reflections, on cars, glass and buildings, did you plan them or was all an accident ? When did you took the first Automorphoses and Windowmorphoses?

    • Eric permalink

      Hi Pierrick,

      I really like your artwork. I’ll sure visit your web site to find out more.

  3. Riccardo, I started capturing Automorphoses in September 2006 in Parma, Italy. It happened while I was walking there with a friend I was showing around. In ‘artless streets full of cars’, I observed that sunlight reflecting on curvy volumes produced unusual distortions with rich graphics and color contrasts. I followed up with this kind of observation in other cities, with mixed results. When back in NYC 9 months later, I bought a better camera and my first stay in San Francisco, CA put me in experimental exhilaration. There I kept shooting more and more in stronger light on bigger sheet metal surfaces parked at weird angles in front of multi-colored architecture that made my series more intense. So I started selecting its best-of and found a proper name for it after a few months.

  4. PAL permalink

    Lovely & Very interesting! Also see with commentary by Abbas Daneshvari.

    I read the purpose for Chez site and find it of great value, cause like
    Black Talk (Ben Sidran), it is International!!


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