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Pierrick Gaumé: The Sign of Expression

by mana on October 31st, 2010

The important thing is that at a given moment one arrives at illusion.

Jacques Lacan, Ethics2

Modus Abyss

Modus Abyss

Mission TSX

Mission TSX

Pierrick Gaumé’s photo collections should be defined as expression rather than expressive. He does not want to give anyone a particular message but brings to expression an illusion or a sign of “nothingness” while depicting “everything.” He moves us towards a poetic existence. The reflections on various surfaces are not the outer world but only the creation of an illusion of that world. The reduction of space to a surface makes mass disappear while shadows, colors, shapes and light remain.

His work is the expression of an illusion. It is the expression of a world obsessed with the presentation of things. Therefore it is a pure expression of our world.
Nothing else.

A collection of his work will be on display on November 7th at the Art in Context event.

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