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by mana on April 17th, 2011
Chaussures et Ville

Vannina Malekzadeh, Chaussures et Ville, 2010, Acrylic and collage, 24" x 38"

Vannina Malekzadeh’s painting challenges our preconditioned perceptions of reality and forces us to become more sensitive to our surroundings. Her playing with reality and illusion takes us into a new way of understanding and seeing the world. In this subjective world, it is form that creates the content. The red high-heeled shoes are prominent in the foreground. What do they represent? The distant city with its lights and tall buildings is impersonal. The city could be a place where you get lost, a place where nobody knows you. These shoes with their size, shape and color are sensual, personal. The contrast between the individual and the large city is a theme in many of Vannina’s paintings. The effect of juxtaposing familiar objects is poetic, using ordinary things in an unusual way to create a new awareness.

In art, the combination of familiar elements in a new setting often brings surprising insights. In my Swing in the Spring event, I am trying to achieve something similar in a social setting. A variety of art forms and artistic traditions will be represented, from Indian folk art to Impressionism to modern abstraction, along with the popular art of swing music. The theme of movement and dance runs through all of it. The artists themselves will be present to interact with each other and with the audience. I hope that everyone present will not only enjoy themselves thoroughly, but perhaps will leave feeling enriched with new insights from this unique mixture of artistic perspectives.

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