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Joy at Art in Context

by mana on November 16th, 2010

On Sunday, November 7th, a small group of art aficionados gathered for the first of a series of Art in Context performances. The photos of Pierrick Gaumé were attractively displayed and several went home with their new owners. There was rich conversation, good wine and French hors d’oeuvres. But the focus of the evening was on the wonderful music provided by Deborah Crooks and her talented band. Her song Joy was one of my favorites, in the raw and moving style of the blues. Deborah states that the lyrics “have a pure intent to convey those who are no longer naive about such pursuits but are nonetheless reaching for happiness and love.” Guitarist Kwame Copeland made this recording during the event.

JoyGreen Note

Lyrics by Deborah Crooks (ASCAP/Bird in the Tree Music); music by Alex Walsh (BMI/Backdoor Jams)

There’s a gypsy girl riding a mystery bus
Tie-dye king hitching Cali or bust
Man on the street says love is all there is
The moon confirms it’s the Age of Aquarius
Joy they’re going out to find it
Joy Don’t you ever mind it
Joy Joy Joy Joy
Weatherman says it’s going to rain
Cloudburst as they get in the car
Both need a little barn dance, a little moonshine bright star
Tell me where you are
Joy they’re going out to find it
Joy Don’t you ever mind it
Joy Joy Joy Joy
Roads are slick and they’ve got miles to go
He wants to go fast, she says go slow
Take the lead, baby, just take the keys
Giver her another reason to believe
Joy they’re going out to find it
Joy, Don’t you ever mind it
Joy Joy Joy


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